3 Ways Legalisation Will Change The Cannabis Culture

Come July 2018, Canada has been established as the second country on the planet—and the first fully-developed nation—to enjoy complete cannabis legalisation. That will mean a lot of things: the end of persecution, improved access to cannabis, new consumers entering the game, etc. Legalisation will also have a huge cultural impact. In the coming years, Canadian cannabis culture will see new figureheads, new products, and … Continue reading 3 Ways Legalisation Will Change The Cannabis Culture

Top Benefits of CBD Oil For Pets

Hearing about the new wave of CBD oils and what they’re being used to treat may have you wondering if they represent something worth trying with your pets. Firstly, it should be pointed out that the American Veterinary Medical Association has not yet approved any specific treatments involving CBD oil for pets. That said, much of the biology between humans and other mammals, including your … Continue reading Top Benefits of CBD Oil For Pets

The Best Marijuana Strains To Use For Back Pain

Medical marijuana is excellent for curing back pain. It has been the choice of treatment for many patients. It does not cause any significant side effects and is highly effective. How Does It Help? Marijuana allows you to cease intake of addictive medicines. It reduces pain and allows you to live an active life. It can also reduce side effects of back pain like insomnia … Continue reading The Best Marijuana Strains To Use For Back Pain

Medical Marijuana In The United States

There are several health benefits of marijuana. From chronic pain, glaucoma, epileptic seizures, MS, arthritis, anxiety, stress, PTSD etc- it is a natural green herb which is destined to change the medical and health world. Various products are available in the market today which are prescribed by marijuana doctors, from pure CBD oil to marijuana infused edibles. Till now, 29 states and Washington DC have … Continue reading Medical Marijuana In The United States

The Rapidly Growing Job Market In The Cannabis Industry

Alongwith California, it is expected that the number of full time employees in the cannabis sector will double in the next five years. The cannabis industry has similar number of such employees as there are kindergarten teachers and librarians. It is also almost three times the number of employees in the coal industry of the United States. Both primary level (technicians and budtenders) as well … Continue reading The Rapidly Growing Job Market In The Cannabis Industry

The Health Benefits Of Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis, a dioecious plant The female and male reproductive organs of cannabis are found separately. The female cannabis plant produces highly potent marijuana flowers, deprived of the seeds. This is called sinsemilla. These flowers are available to be purchased in recreational and medical dispensaries. The female plant flower is pollinated by the male plant for reproduction. It is after this process that the female flower … Continue reading The Health Benefits Of Cannabis Seeds

CBD Oil: Everything To Know

Cannabis Cannabis is a family member of the Cannabaceae. The three most recognised species are Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Ruderalis. Cannabinoids The chemicals present in the cannabis plant which possess recreational as well as medicinal properties are called cannabinoids. They provide value to cannabis. The two main cannabinoids are CBD and THC, which interact with various receptors present in the body and produce … Continue reading CBD Oil: Everything To Know

Improving Lifestyle With Cannabis

Cannabis, aka the magical herb, has been changing lives of thousands of people who were prone to a wide variety of diseases and ailments. It has emerged not only as an aided cure for diseases but as a wonder cure for terminal illnesses. Many people are also consuming it as a form of supplement by adding it to their diet in the form of cannabis … Continue reading Improving Lifestyle With Cannabis