Lose weight weed

Lose Weight with these Marijuana Strains

Lose weight weed
Lose weight with weed

It’s been an age-old association that smoking cannabis gives you the munchies, and can often lead to unhealthy food choices as a result. This may be true for a lot of marijuana strains, but it’s not always the case with all bud. In fact, there are certain strains that instead of act as an appetite stimulant, act as an appetite suppressant, and can be an important tool to lose weight.

With an appetite suppressant, your desire to munch is lessened, and you’re able to focus on other activities that will help you with your goal of losing weight.

Here is a glimpse into 3 cannabis strains to help you lose weight:

1. Cannatonic

“Cannatonic” Strain Source: leafly.com

Want to have a little boost to increase your sociability, but you don’t want to opt for a high-calorie drink when out socializing? Try some Cannatonic. This sativa/indica hybrid strain is also a high-CBD strain, but it does contain a bit of THC, so you will get a bit of psychoactivity with it. Users report feeling focused, alert, and more sociable with this strain.

Cannatonic won’t help you lose weight directly, but it can be a replacement for other high-calorie party favours!

2. Harlequin

“Harlequin” Strain Source: leafly.com

High cannabidiol (CBD) strains are always the best way to go in terms of choosing your strain because CBD is known to counteract the appetite stimulating effects of the THC. Harlequin has a CBD:THC ratio of 5:2, meaning that the strain boasts more health effects than psychoactivity.

With Harlequin being a sativa strain, it’s ideal for those who would like an uplift of energy before engaging in exercise or any activities. Note though, that ingesting too much of Harlequin can produce the opposite effects and sedate the user. Less is more with Harlequin.

3. Black Beauty

Black Beauty
“Black Beauty” Strain Source: Marijuana.com

Usually, cannabis users don’t realize that there are hundreds of cannabinoids within the cannabis plant, including THC, CBD, and other forms of these compounds. What cultivators are now looking at is THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin), which has been discovered in tests with rats that this compound acts as a very strong appetite suppressant.

Black Beauty contains 7% THC and 4% THCV, which gives users a high but really acts as an energizer and gives you a fast-paced cannabis experience. This may be perfect for appetite suppression as well as to get that much-needed energy for exercise.

It’s important to note that THCV is often associated with a powerful high, and that there are strains that are stronger than Black Beauty, such as Doug’s Varin, that pack a pretty strong punch in terms of the THC & THCV doses.

It’s not as common to find THCV strains in dispensaries quite yet, but when you can, it’s advised that you understand a bit more about THCV before trying.

The Best Way to Lose Weight?

Sure, cannabis can be a tool to help you lose weight, but it would be THE tool that will help you drop those pounds. When considering cannabis for weight loss, consider the source of how you put on weight – is it the way you eat? Is it your lifestyle? Is it the types of foods you are taking in? Are you exercising enough?

Remember that weight loss isn’t an easy endeavour, and while cannabis strains may help you, they won’t be the “answer” to your weight loss problems. Consider cannabis an add-on to all the other strategies you undertake to maintain a healthy body.

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