Infographic Push Legalization

How to help push towards Legalization of Marijuana

We made a little infographic about how to help push the Legalization of Marijuana online and at your local place!

Infographic Push Legalization
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How to push legalization

In the following you can read the Infographic in formatted text.

Link Up Around

First off, link up with organizations that promote marijuana legalization in your area. Linking up with these groups can help you get your voice heard.

Don’t forget

Because with the legalization you don’t just help yourself, but you help thousands of people with pain and deadly diseases.

Research Laws

Before you get politically involved, research your state’s current laws. what you are able to do effectively may be different depending on where you live.

Share Online

Try to support internet activists with serious content about weed and medical marijuana. Sharing content to your circles does help!

Sign Petitions

There are a remarkable amount of petitions about marijuana online. By just attaching your signature to them online, you help more than you think!

Talk to People

The more that people talk about marijuana and its benefits, the less stigmatized it will be – and that is what needs to be done!

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