How to Hide the Smell of Cannabis!

Just because you love the smell of cannabis, it doesn’t mean that you want everyone around you to know you’re vaping marijuana, but how can you hide the smell?

Whether you’re trying to enjoy some marijuana on the down low, or you just prefer to keep your cannabis use to yourself, learning how to hide the smell is very important. No one wants to walk around smelling like they just chain-smoked half a dozen joints. Think about it, meeting the in-laws, going for a job interview, going to work, there’s any number of reasons you would want to avoid the smell of cannabis. Even though cannabis use is becoming more widely accepted, there are still some occasions where you’ll want to avoid smelling like you just smoked a joint.

To help you discover how to hide the smell of cannabis we have some great tips and tricks for you!

Not all the following tips on how to hide the smell of cannabis will be suited to everybody, but we’re sure that there will be something there for most situations. How to hide the smell of cannabis tips:

  • Store Your Cannabis Securely – We all know that the smell of fresh cannabis can be quite distinct and powerful, it is named after a skunk after all! Fresh cannabis can even smell stronger than the smoke or vapor of cannabis. To avoid the smell of fresh cannabis, it’s important to keep it in an airtight container. You can even buy specialty cannabis storage bags and containers.
  • Be Prepared for When You Smoke or Vape – If you’re going to be smoking and vaping cannabis, and need to hide the smell, then the following items will help hide the smell: Small bottle of sanitizer, toothpaste and mouthwash, hand wipes, deodorant, chewing gum, eyedrops and a spare jumper or shirt. A small cannabis go bag is ideal for keeping all your smoking accessories in one easy location.
  • Use A Grinder – Instead of breaking up your cannabis with your fingers, invest in a small grinder to grind your herb. This will help you to avoid the smell of cannabis resin being trapped on your fingers. If you absolutely must break up your cannabis with your fingers, try keeping a set of disposable gloves handy. Another great tip is to use toothpaste on your fingers to help cover up the smell of cannabis resin.
  • Don’t Smoke In An Enclosed Area – If you have to smoke cannabis, don’t smoke it inside your car or in an enclosed room. Try smoking in a well ventilated or outdoor area, this way a steady breeze will help to keep the smoke from lingering around you. It’s best to avoid hot boxing yourself in your car or a room where the smoke and vapor will become trapped in your hair and clothes. When you exhale your cannabis smoke or vapor, try blowing it well away from you instead of letting it linger. There are also containers now which you can exhale the cannabis smoke or vapor directly into. The container will absorb the smoke or vapor and help to keep it away from you.

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