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Lollipops that make you high and grow marijuana plants

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Get high on weed lollipops and after that plant the stick and grow some weed.

Too good to be true? It’s not, because of the new item from Half Lit.

Marijuana infused Lollipops

Created by SolDistro in California, the new item utilizes “the finest natural fixings from sucker to seed”, in bringing therapeutic patients the Half Lit Lollipops. Their candies are influenced utilizing a nearby eye to dosing to guarantee that the item is sheltered and predictable with its THC levels.

In it: Marijuana seeds

The stick is the genuine reward in this item. It’s been uniquely produced to contain marijuana seeds that you can truly simply stick into soil, light, and water, and you’ll have yourself a little cannabis plant developing.


Source organic soil and the container of your choice. Add 30% organic perlite and 10% organic vermiculite to loosen heavy soil. Allow 11 days for germination, 1-3 for vegetative time, and 2-3 months for flowers/budding. Check on your plant once a day and tune in to our blog ENLIGHTENED for more information.

The intoxicating effect of this product may be delayed by up to two hours, with results that can last 4-8 hours. This product may impair your ability to drive or operate machinery. Please be mindful and cautious.


The Half Lit candies arrive in an assortment of flavors, including Pineapple Paradise, Lunar Lavender, Watermelon Wonderland, Hot Momma Mango, Lit Lemonade, and Calming Caramel Acai.

Flavour of Lollipops
Lollipop Flavours

The brand is proposed to be a praise to the moon above, trusting that the moon gives some portion of the basic light required for the cannabis plant to develop.

SolDistro is a standout amongst the most experienced retailers in the business, having direct involvement with developing, development, conveyance and dispensary operations.

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One thought on “Lollipops that make you high and grow marijuana plants

  1. Following the instructions on the box, I planted two Half Lit sticks and neither produced a plant.
    Not sure if possible the sticks were planted wrong end down.
    Any suggestions?

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