Comparison of medical marijuana and recreational use of cannabis

Recreational use of cannabis is gaining popularity

Recreational use of cannabis has always been a relevant aspect next to medical marijuana. However, since of the world wide hype around medical marijuana, cannabis hobbyists  and recreational users have been forgotten… but we have great news!

Quick look at the Google Trend of both recreational use of cannabis:

Statistics on recreational use of cannabis
Google Trend statistic for “cannabis”.

…and also medical marijuana:

Statistics on medical marijuana
Google Trend statistic for “medical marijuana”.

Obviously, there is a difference in both statistics. But both did have a significant uplift the last few years and do look somehow similar. Comparing those with Google Trends, we will get this:

Comparison of medical marijuana and recreational use of cannabis
Google Trends comparison of “medical marijuana” and “cannabis”.

Google Trends source:,cannabis

The differences here are getting clear. Somewhen in April (seemingly 4/20) in  the year of 2011 cannabis got a slight uplift. Since then, cannabis significantly got more popular compared to medical marijuana until now. So why does it seem like everyone is only curious about medical marijuana, while there are so many recreational users? The answer is simple.

Medical marijuana is a huge topic. It is important. Weed can save life. We should not forget that. So as cannabis hobbyists, we need to give this one some patience. Looking at the past, every step to medical marijuana is also a step to completely legal cannabis. So instead of complaining about this, we can actually be happy. In some countries politics are far away from legalization, even medical legalization.


To conclude my research on cannabis, it is safe to say, that the Trend of recreational use of cannabis is going upwards. This is a good step to worldwide legalization! Even though the United States seem to be on a good road to full legalization, other countries like Germany still are behind. Living in the United States can be a huge pro for stoners!

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