Marijuana consumption statistics

Teen marijuana use falls to 20-year low

Marijuana teen consumption statistics
Marijuana consumption statistics

In 2016, teen rates of marijuana use among the country’s 12-to 17-year-olds dropped to their least level in over two decades, as indicated by government review information discharged for the current week.

A year ago, 6.5 percent of young people utilized cannabis on a month to month premise, as indicated by the most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health. That speaks to a factually huge drop from 2014, when the country’s first recreational weed shops opened in Washington state and Colorado.

The last time month to month adolescent pot utilize was this low was 1994, as indicated by the review.

Worried about teen drug abuse

Public health experts tend to stress more over juvenile than grown-up sedate utilize in light of the fact that immature brains are as yet creating. Youngster sedate utilize is connected to a large group of medical issues sometime down the road, including habit, criminal conduct and intellectual shortages.

The marijuana slant challenges the notices of the individuals who contradict its authorization, who have since a long time ago anticipated that releasing limitations on weed would “send the wrong message” to teenagers and increment high schooler tranquilize utilize.

Cannabis use in general is rising

The government information demonstrate that grown-up pot use, then again, is rising. A year ago 20.8 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 25 utilized weed in any event month to month, the most elevated number since 1985. Among grown-ups ages 26 to 34, 14.5 percent utilized maryjane month to month in 2016, likewise the most since 1985.

Those numbers have been ascending for a very long while, a long time before the appearance of legitimate recreational and therapeutic cannabis. The overview didn’t give slant information to more seasoned age gatherings, yet different investigations have demonstrated that weed utilize is becoming the speediest among moderately aged and more seasoned grown-ups.

While maryjane utilize expanded among grown-ups, past-month liquor utilize fell, as indicated by the review. A year ago 55 percent of grown-ups ages 18 and more seasoned drank liquor in any event month to month, contrasted and 56 percent in 2015. While little, that drop was measurably noteworthy, loaning some assurance to the thought that a few grown-ups might be substituting cannabis for liquor.

General wellbeing research has for the most part demonstrated that liquor utilize is more unsafe to people and society than weed utilize, despite the fact that maryjane still represents various dangers to its clients.

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