The Health Benefits Of Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis, a dioecious plant

The female and male reproductive organs of cannabis are found separately. The female cannabis plant produces highly potent marijuana flowers, deprived of the seeds. This is called sinsemilla. These flowers are available to be purchased in recreational and medical dispensaries.

The female plant flower is pollinated by the male plant for reproduction. It is after this process that the female flower produces seeds.

Cannabis Seeds

In a hermaphrodite condition, several marijuana varieties can produce male as well as female flowers of the same plant. This happens when the plant has been either allowed to flower for a longer period or has been subjected to environmental influences. In such situations, male flowers produce pollens and pollinate the female flowers in the vicinity to produce seeds.

As the seeds mature, the female plant dies and drops the seeds on the ground where they grow into new cannabis plants. These seeds can also be harvested into making food products, hemp oil etc.

Health Benefits Of Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds are a powerhouse of essential nutrients. By including them in your everyday diet, you can avail several health benefits because they:

  1. Are Full Of Nutrients

Being low fat and a low carb in nature, cannabis seeds are full of healthy proteins. This plant based protein is hassle free and can be consumed without any preparation.

They also provide the body with a high ratio of amino acids. They can be taken along with other protein products like dairy products (eggs, meat, poultry) and fish. Vegetarians can benefit from them as an excellent alternate to soy and quinoas.

Ten grams of fat including unsaturated fat is present in every two tablespoon of cannabis seeds. They are also rich in omega- 3 fatty acids which replenish the brain and improve its functions.

They are not only easy to digest, but can also be consumed by all- be it a non- vegetarian, a vegetarian or a vegan.

2. Improve Overall Health

Cannabis seeds fulfil several deficiencies in the human body. They improve the overall physical body by replenishing it with vital nutrients.

Cannabis seeds can help by relieving muscle inflammations and joint pain, energising the body with stamina.

Chronic ailments such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can also be kept a check on with cannabis seeds. They also regulate blood pressure and cardiovascular functions. Just like CBD oil can treat anxietycannabis seeds can be a part of the dietary plan in treating substance abuse as well as other mental diseases.

3. Help To Achieve An Ideal Body Weight

Cannabis seeds work by making the consumer feel full, which reduces the urge to eat. They bring the body to a balanced body weight by acting as a healthy supplement. They can help to either bulk up or achieve lean muscle.

They can be munched on as a snack or be topped on salads, desserts, pizzas. They add a slight nutty flavour to food and enhance the flavour of food. Cannabis seeds have been linked to body mass index.

4. Maintaining The Health Of Organs

One of the necessities for protein production in the human body are omega fatty acids. Despite of their necessity, the body does not produce them.

Cannabis seeds are rich in such omegas which makes them a must in everyday diet. Omegs- 3s keeps the brain and heart healthy. The heart of the seeds are full of these omegas.

Non- fish eaters can get their share of omegas from cannabis seeds.

You can explore how to use cannabis seeds in your every day meals. They can be consumed raw as a snack or be used as toppings on several foods. Check for the legality of these seeds in your country and visit website for getting more information. Go on and begin a healthier lifestyle with these nutty munchers!



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