The Rapidly Growing Job Market In The Cannabis Industry

Alongwith California, it is expected that the number of full time employees in the cannabis sector will double in the next five years. The cannabis industry has similar number of such employees as there are kindergarten teachers and librarians. It is also almost three times the number of employees in the coal industry of the United States.

Both primary level (technicians and budtenders) as well as secondary level employees (accountants, security staff etc) comprise the cannabis business.

Full time equivalent workers is a technique which standardises employment estimation and also equate the hours put in by part- time workers to the hours put in by full time workers. For instance, two part time workers who work 20 hours in a week will be equivalent of one full time employee. Full- time equivalent employees are now being used to estimate the employment rates in the cannabis industry.

There are several other precise comparisons to other sectors and can be applied in the cannabis sector too, where both seasonal and part- time staff stand for a major portion of the staff.

Factors affecting marijuana employment-

  1. Several jobs will emerge in California’s recreational cannabis sector. The recreational sales are expected to bring in $4- $5 billion annually. This revenue is higher than all the recreational markets combined in 2017.

2. The cannabis industry is likely to support around 340, 000 full- time employment, which is a 21% annual growth. The entire health industry in the United States will rise 2% annually till 2022.

3. The jobs in the cannabis industry will increase in the next years as the states will legalize marijuana and the pre- existing markets will flourish.

There are multiple technological inventions coming up in the Canna sector. For instance, an Enail, which is a useful gadget efficient in vaporising medical marijuana extracts.

Mostly small businesses include the marijuana industry jobs. Only a small number of employees manage everyday tasks out of the bulk. Multi- million dollar cannabis industries selling CBD oil, cannabis seeds, cannabis strains. Update yourself with proper information on strains like blueberry cannabis etc before you begin using them. There is more information available in various researches. Till that happens, small businesses continue to dominate this sector.


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