Top Benefits of CBD Oil For Pets

Hearing about the new wave of CBD oils and what they’re being used to treat may have you wondering if they represent something worth trying with your pets. Firstly, it should be pointed out that the American Veterinary Medical Association has not yet approved any specific treatments involving CBD oil for pets. That said, much of the biology between humans and other mammals, including your cat or dog, is similar enough that there’s a reasonable expectation that the method will be useful in treating many of the same disorders that animals have in common with us.

The Biology

Cannabidiol, commonly styled as CBD, is a molecule that’s only soluble in organic solutions, making it ideal for uptake by ingestion. It follows a metabolic pathway that’s similar to THC, the active substance in marijuana, and the resulting effects are similar, too. On the upside, however, CBD doesn’t carry with it the same psychoactive effects, so you don’t need to worry that CBD for dogs is going to leave Rover rolling over on a magic carpet ride.

Put in high concentrations, CBD has the capacity to activate a number of receptors in the brain. Virtually anything in life that “feels” a certain way is carried by a neurotransmission process that interacts with these receptors. Serotonin is particularly common as a culprit in disorders. Imbalance in their supply can lead to a variety of problems, and CBD oil for pets has the potential to address them.

CBD essentially hitches a ride into the brain by binding to fatty acids. This allows us to create formulas, such as infusions in oils, that can deliver the molecule. Let’s take a look at four of the more interesting possibilities.

Sleep Disorders

The modern world can create anxieties and stresses for pets just as much as they do for humans. Using CBD for cats, for example, may help a pet that’s having trouble maintaining the ample sleep requirements of the species, which often go as high as 16 to 20 hours a day. Dogs also have serious sleep requirements, looking to stay down about half the day. If you’re dealing with a pet that has a more human sleep schedule, it might be anxiety-driven, and CBD oils may offer some relief.


Animals simply weren’t evolved to live in the society we have today, and they often display anxieties that can be maladapted to the world. A dog’s guarding instinct, for example, can end up ramped into overdrive because of the regular comings and goings of strangers in nearby spaces. In fact, reinforcement mechanisms in brain biology can cause a negative feedback loop that leads to more chemical production and even further anxiety. Using CBD for dogs may take some of the edge off the unhealthy brain chemistry balance that has your pup on the defensive.

Seizures and Epilepsy

Anyone who has ever had a pet with epilepsy or seizure issues appreciates for terrifying and helpless the experience can feel. While something like CBD for cats may seem like a bit of a leap, there’s a basis in research involving humans. It may also be beneficial for other involuntary episodes, such as muscle spasms.


Animals don’t generally express pain as early and loudly as humans do, so you should be concerned at any indication of chronic pain your pet displays. CBD oil for pets is likely to yield pain relief benefits similar to what has been noted in people. This can be helpful for folks who have animals that are aging and showing signs of arthritis or other degenerative conditions that often lead to pain.


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